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OEC offers 9 unique and challenging competitions categories for students to compete in...

Junior Design

Students in their first and second years are tasked with designing creative solutions to real-world engineering problems. Competitors must design a practical solution and present it to judges making the best use of limited time and resources.


Akin to real-world scenarios, students develop and present nuanced arguments in favour of or against an impromptu resolution. Teams go head to head in a battle of logic and rhetoric in multiple rounds of debate.


Competitors describe the diverse social, economic, technological and environmental impact of complex engineering subject matters in layman’s terms.

Senior Design

Students combine multidisciplinary knowledge to design a technical solution to an advanced engineering problem. Participants must design and present a functional solution under resource constraints and adhering to competition requirements.


Engineering students will utilize their diverse skillsets to redesign an existing solution to a problem with the aim of improving its overall performance.

Innovative Design

Participants develop a novel product or service to address an unmet need or to improve upon currently available solutions. Competitors will present their nuanced designs to a panel of experts.


Teams are tasked with coding the best possible software solution to a complex computational challenge. Competitors will aim to minimize execution time, maximize correctness or achieve the best overall performance.


Competitors will develop and present an in-depth analytical solution to a multi-dimensional engineering challenge. Teams must demonstrate a thorough understanding of the diverse social, environmental, technological and economic impacts of their solutions.



Students will be provided a narrative with one or numerous complications that must be resolved utilizing core engineering principles to develop a solution to this bio-engineering problem.

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