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WiFi Setup

  1. Open your device’s Wi-Fi settings and connect to EduRoam on your home campus or at Queen's.

  2. Connect using your institution’s credentials, for example:

    1. Username:

    2. Password: 123123XYZ

Join the OEC 2024 Discord Server!

Discord will be the primary communication channel between delegates and the executive team during OEC 2024.

Required Generative AI Software Installation
GitHub Copilot

Install Visual Studio Code, if you do not have a preferred IDE, before beginning this install.

Prerequisite: Creating a Pro Student GitHub account

  1. Create a GitHub account; you can do this on

  2. Go to and sign in with your GitHub account. Head to Benefits, and click Get Student benefits. Select student as your academic status. Scroll down and use your school email address. Select your school name as your school. Press continue. You may need to provide documentation verifying that you’re a student.

  3. You will receive confirmation of your benefits in a number of days, at which point you can continue the installation.


Installing GitHub Copilot

  1. Go to Click on your profile icon in the top right corner, then click on Settings.

  2. Click on GitHub Copilot in the “Code, planning and automation” section.

  3. On the GitHub Copilot settings page, click Enable GitHub Copilot.

  4. Select your preferences, then click Save and get started. If you are prompted to confirm payment details, your GitHub Pro for education request has not yet been completed, and you must await confirmation before attempting to install GitHub Copilot.


If you have issues with these instructions, you are encouraged to view the official CoPilot QuickStart Instructions:

Integrating GitHub copilot with Visual Studio Code (Required)

If you are using an alternative IDE to VS Code, you are encouraged to view the official IDE Extension Instructions, and follow the instructions on the tab for your preferred IDE:

  1. In the Visual Studio Code Marketplace, go to the GitHub Copilot Extension page ( and click Install. Open Visual Studio Code when prompted, and in the “Extension: GitHUb Copilot” tab which opens in the application, click Install.

    1. You may also do this by clicking Extensions on the Visual Studio Code sidebar, and searching for “GitHub Copilot”; the official extension should be the first to appear in the search results.

  2. If you aren’t already signed into GitHub on Visual Studio Code, you will be prompted to sign in; otherwise, you should be automatically authorized. I

    1. f you do not get prompted to authorize GitHub for Visual Studio Code, and you have never logged in before, click the bell icon in the bottom right of the Visual Studio Code window.

  3. In your browser, click Authorize Visual Studio Code.

  4. You will now see code suggestions in supported languages; if no code is suggested, ensure internet connection, or click on the GitHub Copilot icon in the bottom panel, and ensure suggestions are enabled.

Recommended CAD Software Installation

AutoDesk Fusion 360

Recommended for Junior Design, Senior Design, Re-engineering, Bio-engineering, Consulting, and Innovative Designif you do not have access to SolidWorks or another CAD software through your institution.

Creating an Account and Getting Verified:

  1. Create an Autodesk Account: As a student, you need to create an account on the Autodesk website. This is the first step in accessing the Autodesk Education plan for individual use​.

  2. Sign-In to your existing AutoDesk account or Create an Account.

  3. After verifying your new account or signing in, return to the student page and select Get Educational Access.

  4. Proceed with entering your information and ensure you set your educational role to Student.

  5. Enter your institution’s information correctly.

  6. Once completed the form, click Confirm.

  7. Depending on your school, AutoDesk may require you to sign-in using your institution’s Single Sign On (SSO) to verify your eligibility.

  8. Success! You should now have access to one (1) year of AutoDesk software.


Downloading Software:

  1. Go to the Downloads Page and select Fusion 360.

  2. Click “ACCESS”, your download will start immediately.

Recommended IDE Software Installation
Visual Studio Code

Recommended for Junior Design, Senior Design, and Programmingif you do not have a preferred IDE installed.

Download and Install VSCode:

  1. Visit the official Visual Studio Code website: Visual Studio Code - Code Editing. Redefined.

  2. Select the download version appropriate for your operating system (Windows, macOS, or Linux).



  1. Run the downloaded installer.

  2. Accept the agreement and choose your preferred installation options (like adding VSCode to the PATH, creating a desktop icon, etc.).

  3. Click Next and then Install to begin the installation. Once it's completed, you can launch VSCode.



  1. Open the downloaded .zip file to extract the application.

  2. Drag the Visual Studio Code application to your Applications folder.

  3. You can then open VSCode from your Applications folder or Launchpad.



  1. For Debian/Ubuntu systems, the download will typically be a .deb file, while for Red Hat/Fedora systems, it will be a .rpm file.

  2. Install the package through your distribution's package manager. For example, on Debian/Ubuntu, you can use sudo dpkg -i <file>.deb in the terminal.


Using VSCode:

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